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Fuel System compliance

Environmental Site Assessments, compliance solutions, Hazardous Waste, OSHA training.

  • Design & install environmental remediation systems
  • Clean up petroleum hydrocarbons in soil & groundwater
  • Negotiate state funding options for cleanup
  • Conduct tri-annual fuel system inspections to comply with Montana DEQ Rules
  • Inspection, oversight and training on underground storage tank (UST) systems 
  • UST Installation & Removal
  • Complete spill prevention, containment, countermeasure plans (SPCC)
  • STI SP001 Inspections on above ground storage tank (AST) systems
  • AST Tank Integrity Testing on above ground tanks
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Cleaning Services
  • Emergency Response Capabilities
  • Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments

phase i, ii, iii assessments

environmental consulting   Certifications & Licenses

Certified, licensed and insured in the state of Montana by the following:

  • ​Tank Inspections, Installations, Removals
  • Cathodic Protection Testing
  • Steel Tank Institute AST SP001 Compliance Inspections
  • SPCC Plans for AST Systems
  • Qualitative FIT Testing for Air Purified Respirators
  • OSHA Haz-Mat Training per CFR 1910.120 Regulations


Fully insured with professional environmental, professional errors and omissions liability. 


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  • Timely, quality work
  • Friendly, knowledgeable service
  • Honest cost estimates
  • Followup service


1805 Kenyon Dr, Bozeman, MT  59715


Petroleum tanks, underground & above-ground systems compliance and training, SPCC & SP001

groundwater remediation

AJM Inc. is a full-service environmental company established in Bozeman, MT in 1997. We provide assistance with remediation, soil/groundwater investigation, fuel system inspections, fuel system management, OSHA training, and Environmental Site Assessments. Our philosophy is to provide cost-effective defensible data to help our clients comply with environmental rules and  regulations.

Tank & Fuel Cleaning

fuelDue to the complex formulations of current fuels that include ethanol & low sulfur diesel, tank cleaning and fuel restoration is essential.

Spills, releases, contamination, hazardous chemicals, and petroleum products. AJM provides evaluation, assessment and cleanup strategies.